Juha Hurme shakes up Minna Canth’s short story spicing it up with refreshing, piquant humour.
Agnes tells the story of two schoolgirls who grow up to be two women very different from one
another. For Liisi, it is enough that home, family and Kuopio are her whole life. Agnes is not
satisfied with the everyday life, ‘… There is constant change in the big world… people are funny,
intelligent and sophisticated. I wouldn’t cope anywhere else but in St. Petersburg. Or, possibly
also in Paris.’
But would a woman of the world — or of half of the world — be satisfied with Antti, Liisi’s one
and only? We will see the deep core of Liisi’s jealousy and her inability to control her own
emotions. ‘A more experienced man accustomed to the big world could have kept a cool head in
that situation, seen the true meaning and laughed at it. But Antti was too simple, too honest; he
fell to the trap head first.’
The show serves up its storm of emotions hilariously. Juha Hurme anchors the core scenes of
the work to the Kuopio sing and play fest from the early days of the original work. Hearts beat
frantically in different rhythms — but singing and playing are loud and clear!

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