Caterpillars is a magical show for the whole family that fills the stage with a swaying sea of
flowers, flickering butterflies and two chubby caterpillars.
In the middle of a fantasy world, two clowns dressed in black try their best to act as invisible
servants of the show. However, everything doesn’t go according to the script, and they are often
in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mistakes get quickly fixed with ingenious solutions.
Caterpillars is a multi-layered comedy — just as the story takes viewers to a whimsical dream
world, the hapless clowns drag them back to reality.
Kallo Collective is a contemporary circus group specializing in physical theatre and clowning,
which produces high-level mute performances in Finland, France and New Zealand. The group
was founded in 2009 by Jenni Kallo, Sampo Kurppa and Thomas Monckton, who studied
together at Jacques Lecoq’s famous theatre school in Paris. Kallo Collective’s performances,
which appeal to a wide audience, have garnered success and awards at several international
performing arts festivals around the world.
Currently, I work as a secretary of the board of Kallo Collective. We organize the annual
NouNous festival in Helsinki, which focuses on physical comedy. Our digital project during
Covid has been the Together Alone video project, which inspired us to continue the
development of a new kind of physical comedy with The Mews project.

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